Wondering how to get a visa to work or live in Germany? This eBook guide covers the process for obtaining the following work permits:

  • Freelance work permit
  • Artist work permit
  • Preparing to study permit
  • Intensive German Language student residence permit
  • Residence permit for qualified workers wishing to search for employment

As well as information about:

  • Adding a category to an existing freelance or artist permit
  • Applying for the “open” visa after working in Germany for three years
  • Contacts and suggestions for required health insurance
  • List of useful resources and forms
  • Tips for your application and appointment at the immigration office

Who is this guide for?

Not all countries have the same relationship with Germany, which means it is much harder for citizens of some countries to get work permits in Germany than others.

Some people can come to Germany as a tourist for up to three months without a visa and then apply for a work permit from within Germany while others cannot. This eBook is intended for citizens from the following countries:

– Australia
– Israel
– Japan
– Canada
– Republic of Korea
– New Zealand
– United States of America

These countries have the same or similar regulations with regards to the application process.

*** This guide is only suggested for citizens of the above countries, as the procedures to get a work permit for citizens of other countries differs. ***



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