I am not an immigration lawyer or attorney nor have I been formally trained in immigration law. The following eBook serves as a summary of my own experiences as a United States citizen who has applied for a variety of work permits in Berlin, Germany, my own intensive research and my experiences helping others. Following the instructions in this eBook does not guarantee that you will be granted a work permit. It is also recommended to supplement this eBook with information directly from the Ausländerbehörde to ensure that all current standards and regulations are met. This eBook is focused solely on getting the different types of freelance, artist and language learning permits and does not contain any information about sponsored visas for salaried jobs. Please also note that depending on your country of citizenship, there may be different visa or immigration requirements (See section Who is this guide for? on the “About” page). If you have a more complicated situation, for example, emigrating with children or a spouse, it is suggested that you get in touch with an immigration lawyer directly.